As a Silverback Ambassador, you are in charge of growing Silverback the Brand in your city. You will work closely with Silverback Headquarters to develop and own a local brand marketing strategy, gaining real-world marketing experience along the way. Even better? You can get exclusive access to represent Silverback at events in major cities around the world.


What are the requirements? Must be a Silverback fan and believe in our mission of uniting humanity and technology to make everyday rides welcoming, affordable and memorable.


Brand Ambassador Key point Associations

Create content and buzz for a new product launch or for a seasonal campaign – brands can send product to ambassadors to test/wear/experience and write about the product on social networks (blogs, posts, pictures, videos, etc). An example of such content would be posting a selfie wearing a dress, pair of shoes, or eye-catching jewelry with the product hashtag. Another example could be recording a product demo video and uploading it to YouTube.

Share brand message on social networks – ask your ambassadors to share a specific message. This is the most basic ambassador requirement.

Answer community questions on social networks or via direct messaging – brand ambassadors can be community leaders to answer product questions.

Give feedback on marketing messaging for product launch – if a brand is creating multiple messages and advertisements, brand ambassadors can provide feedback on which messaging is the best.

Give ideas for new product design – new product ideas and features emerge from ambassador feedback.

Write editorial commentary on products – ambassadors can write editorial commentary for your products that can be displayed on product description pages.

Vote on the new product designs – ambassadors can vote on product designs to pick the best designer/product. A large community is advised.

Identify your ambassadors interests to find complementary marketing opportunities.

Ask ambassadors to present a real-time product demo via video conferencing.


Within our Marketing team, we have various PR and Communication specialists, covering a diversity of local markets. Our Media Buying team maximises the visibility of our campaigns using global media coverage through numerous on and offline media channels.

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